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LM8BK indoor/outdoor and duct drop cable 2FO G.657A2 - 2000m

PN : 90524
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Multi-application drop 

The Droptic® LM8BK is a multi-application fibre optic drop cable. Developed with a rugged design, it meets the different needs of FTTP deployments: the LM8BK is to be used starting with distribution points and all the way to the customer's premises. This dielectric cable can be installed indoors and outdoors and enables to give access to ultrafast broadband networks both in MDUs and SDUs. Presenting a black outer sheath, the LM8BK is particularly suitable for outdoor deployments, whether in overhead layouts or run on facades and exposed therefore to UV rays.

The Droptic® LM8BK cable have the particularity to be developed with 2 fibre counts in two separate modules. This enables an independant management of the optical fibres. In case of network sharing, the first dedicated fibre is systematically connected, the second fibre is pending connection until another ISP arrives. As this second fibre is protected by a 900μm coating, it is much less likely to be damaged during the waiting period.

Our range of drop cables have been designed to meet the requirements and diversity of FTTP access network topologies. Thanks to this complete solution, telecom field technicians will be able to connect the ISP network, from the Optical Distribution Point, with the customer's network via an indoor network termination point. These drop cables enable a quick and optimised deployment of the optical fibre from the distribution point to the subscriber's dwelling.

Through this range of drop cables, Telenco UK ensures the reliablity and durability of FTTP networks, both during the roll-out and their lifespan.


  • FTTP customer connectioon
  • FTTP roll-out in duct

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Outer Ø: 4mm
Weight: 13.7kg/km
Bend radius: 15mm
Tensile strength: 40daN
Fire behaviour: Dca-S2,d1,a1
UV: compliant
Waterproofing: the cable presents a longitudinal watertight protection thanks to integrated swelling yarns

Weight : 24 kg
Dimensions : (Touret)430x220x315mm