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GSDE 0700 Galvanised steel helical dead-end for short spans

PN : 09735
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Drop wire dead-end 

The hot-dip galvanised steel GSDE 0700 helical dead-end is used for the termination of fibre optic ADSS round cables with diameters from 7 to 8mm, deployed on distribution networks where spans do not exceed 90m. These spirals enable an effective cable grip over a large contact surface. Tool-free installation, requiring zero cable bending.

To install GSDE helical dead-ends onto pole brackets or cross-arms, additional equipment is recommended:

  • 1 thimble for protecting the loop of the spiral against wear and tear due to friction
  • 1 turnbuckle for adjusting the cable's tension or for creating a spacing between the anchoring point and the pole hardware fitting so to respect the bending radius of the cable
  • 1 shackle used as a link between the turnbuckle's eye and the pole bracket
  • 1 pole bracket (anchoring bracket or double plate with ring) to be directly mounted onto the pole or tower


Length of the longest arm: 560mm
Length of the shortes arm: 442mm
Colour code: white
Weight: 0.16kg
10 units

Weight : 1.4 kg