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Insulated ladder for low voltage jobs AUDINNOV Helios with accessories - available in different sizes

PN : 16967
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Rope operated ladder 

This version of Helios rope operated ladder comes with accessories to offer an ultimate potential of use. Thanks to its insulated construction complying with the EN50-528 standard, this ladder will allow you to realize jobs under low voltage, notably when intervening on utility poles. D-shaped aluminum rungs spaced at 25cm and designed with 0.3mm grooves ensure users a safe ascent.

Helios ladder is easy to install thanks to its integrated wall wheels with a diameter of 100mm, its clam cleats and rope kit. Fiberglass made, this professional ladder is both lightweight and robust. Moreover, thanks to its screw assembly construction, the Helios model is completely repairable and thus, a very conveninent investment over time.

This version of Helios ladder includes all the needed accessories bringing an optimal potential of use. V-shape pole grip offers a better stability while operating overhead line jobs. The ladder's stabiliser/ leveler allow technicians to overcome uneven surfaces of up to 18cm. Clam cleats and rope kit with a diameter of 10.5mm are added to secure the inferior part of the ladder construction.

This ladder is available in three extendable sizes : 5m, 6.5m and 7m. Models with 5m and 6.5m height are double-section constructions, while the 7m model is triple-section made.

Technical characteristics

Ladder materials : Fiberglass
Ladder models : Ladder
Type of ladders : 2 Sections

Insulated lader
Rung self-locking aluminum system
Pole grip and wall wheels Ø100mm and rope Ø10mm
Anti-grip rubber ladder feet
D-shaped aluminum rungs and stiles are repairable
Ladders of 5m and 6.5m : double-section construction
Ladder of 7m height : triple-section construction
Weight per model :

  • 5m ladder : 18kg
  • 6.5m ladder : 22kg
  • 7m ladder : 27kg
The product's benefits :
  • An optimal security : insulated ladder complying with EN 50.528 standard
  • Economic : completely repairable with removable rungs
  • Time saving : all-terrain easy and simple ladder installation due to their stabiliser/leveler
Standards : 

Complies with the EN 50.528 standard relative to work under low voltage <1000 V a.c/ 1500 V d.c

Weight : 20 kg
Dimensions : (Ht)5m