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  • Kit de conversion pince presse d
  • Kit de conversion pince presse d
  • Kit de conversion pince presse d
  • Kit de conversion pince presse d

Cold printing press PREMO for marking tags

PN : 15405
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Printing press kit 

The SES-PREMO printing press can be used on jobsites. This product has been designed for marking CH-M plates. These plates are used in the telecommunications field for cable, ducts and pole identification. These identification plates can then be used both for outdoor and underground applications.

This kit includes:

1 case easy to transport on jobsites and used for the press storage
1 press
2 boxes for composition without dies
1 die holder


Technical characteristics

Brand : PREMO
  • Press dimensions: 207.5x152x140mm
  • Maximum recommended marking: 60 characters, i.e. an effort of about 3.000 daN
The product's benefits:
  • Easy storage and transport thanks to the included case
  • Easy to use: it's enough to pull the press handle
Weight : 3.3 kg