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  • Tiges nettoyage connecteurs FO a

STICKLERS® Cleaning swabs for FO embedded connectors / 50 units box – available in different sizes

PN : 2360
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Fiber optic cleaning swabs

Dry cleaning swabs from STICKLERS® for LC, MU and similar size connectors. Equipped with a thermally-sintered polymer tip especially designed to clean up the entire end-face. The swab's tip is narrower than the ferrule, its nib spins off-center ensuring an efficient cleaning at the core of the fiber. Can be used with solvents or degreasers and leave no residual matters. These products are very efficient on small surfaces and in removing static electricity.

  • Packaging: 50-unit of S12 CleanStixx® box 

Technical characteristics

Format : Swabs
Fiber optic cleaning : Dry cleaning Wet cleaning
Type of product : Cleaners/ Degreasers
  • Cleans the entire end-face, not just the contact area 
  • Offers the highest rate of successful cleaning in the industry
  • Absorbs more contamination than fabric swabs 
  • Features none of the disadvantages of foam swabs 
  • Packaged in color-coded travel kits
The product’s benefits : 
  • Patented thermally-sintered polymer tip 
  • Conforms with the end-face geometry : angled 8-degree and domed polished 
  • Tip engineered with a fibrous structure to absorb all present contamination 
  • Molded design for a perfect fit with end-face and alignment sleeve
Weight : 0.53 kg

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