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Cable pulling grease SPECA H - available in different capacities

PN : 0598
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Grease for pulling cables SPECA H

This product is intended for greasing insulated cables in order to ease their hauling into plastic ducts or the mounting of plastic elements by press fit. For electrical deployment applications. 

Technical characteristics

Applications : Electrical deployment
  • Aspect : smooth
  • Color : brown
  • Thickening agent: petrolatum
  • Nature of the oil : mineral
  • NLGI consistence number: 4
  • Unworked penetration at 25°C (1/10 mm) according to ASTM standard: 175/205
  • Dropping point: 60°C
  • Water washout, ASTM D 4049 (% weight) : 40
  • Water washout, ASTM D 1264 (% weight) : <5
  • Copper corrosion, ASTM D 130 : 1b
  • Salt spray corrosion test, NF X 41002 (168 hours at 35°C) : OK
The product's benefits:
  • Lubricant complying to all telecom requirements
    (friction coefficient: 0.11 to 0.06)
  • Neutral towards plastic 
  • No risks of craking or damaging sheats or of migration for the stabilizers
  • Remarkable stability through time
Product storage:
  • Avoid storage or usage of the grease below 0°C (risk of grease hardening)


Weight : 5.18 kg
Dimensions : Ø194x187mm