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AC560 000: Anchoring clamp for round FO cable Ø 5-6mm/Plastic bail

PN : 09936
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Drop clamp with enveloping wedges

Telenco networks has developed an unrivalled range of cable clamp solutions for the anchoring and suspension of overhead round drop cables available on the market.

The AC560 000 anchoring clamps are used for the termination of FTTH cables on poles or facades. Specifically developed, these clamps accomodate round drop cables Ø 5 to 6mm with HDPE insulation and FRP rods.

Their specific design based on more enveloping wedges ensures that the functional characteristics of the cable are preserved even in the event of overloading. Thanks to the compactness of their body, AC560 000 anchoring clamps can be installed in parallel onto two adjacent holes of a cross-arm or a drop anchoring plate. These anchoring clamps are the concrete solution for the densification of FTTH overhead networks.

AC560 000 cable clamps consist of an open conical body, two enveloping plastic wedges and a stiff plastic bail.

These anchoring clamps are to be installed on short spans (up to 70m) and all type of supports presenting an eye of a minimim 10mm.

Technical characteristics

Type of device : Cable clamp
Span : < 70m
Type of cables : FO Round cables
Type of network : Last mile access
Type of network : Fibre optic
Type of product : Anchoring clamp
Brand : TELENCO®

Model: AC560 000
For round drop cables Ø 5-6mm
Span: < 70m
Stiff plastic bail

The weight indicated here below corresponds to the total weight of 100 anchoring clamps.

Weight : 7 kg
Dimensions : 235,7x53,4x23mm