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Fibre optic connectivity solutions

Choosing high-quality passive components for creating optical connectivity is a guarantee of reliable fiber optic and datacom networks with a minimum signal loss. That is exactly what Telenco UK provides you with in this part of our catalog. Read more...

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Performant optical connectivity products

  • We offer a large palette of attenuators and adaptors suitable for every type of environment. 

To realize dependable connections between two fiber optic cables we provide you with high-quality adaptors or couplers, available in simplex or duplex versions, for single mode or multimode fibers.

Attenuators are passive optical components having the role of reducing optical power levels in a network so to match the transmitter's and receiver's requirements. You can choose between fixed and variable models and among different attenuation levels, according to your fibre optic network needs. 

Adaptors are mechanical essential parts of a fibre optic network used to align fibre optic connector ferrules. They present an interconnect sleeve enabling to perfectly match two ferrules together. The quality of these small parts is fundamental to ensure fibre optic networks with an optimal optical signal. 

Our smart tip : unlike multimode adaptors, single mode ones offer an accurate alignment of the ferrules. You can use single mode adaptors to connect multimode cables. However, DO NOT use multimode adaptors to connect single mode cables : it will cause misalignment of the fibers and as a direct consequence, an unwished for attenuation.