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TED Equipement®

Technicity - Efficiency – Durability

In the service of telecom technicians

Our brand is born out of the intention of supporting the evolution of telecom networks and the professionals’ practices. Thus, Telenco distribution’s ambition is to provide technicians with quality material for their exact needs, at a fair price. TED Equipement® is a commitment to a continuous seek for improving the everyday work life of telecom and utility professionals. Through the TED range, Telenco distribution aims to transform the real challenges of skilled workers into successful experiences.
Launched on the market in 2014, the TED Equipement® brand has built its foundation on the following values:

  • Attractive cost/ usage ratio for equipment designed for telecom networks deployment
  • Durability and cost control for an excellent profitability through time
  • Taking into account the final user’s needs in order to offer ergonomics that will increase the comfort and the safety of technicians
  • Promote the local origin by establishing long-term partnerships with famous manufacturers

While always remaining true to its core values, TED range has considerably grown over the years. The products in the TED Equipement® range have been systematically developed and selected according to strict criteria of performance, ergonomics and durability
Today, the TED Equipement® offer covers the needs of telecom technicians during maintenance and network operations in terms of tools, underground material and accessories, safety equipment and consumables. Moreover, the TED catalog  is a vision of the most commonly used telecom cable deployment techniques and maintenance operations.

We know what tools you need

Through TED range, we don’t only suggest cool products at a fair price. What we are first committed to, is to help you accomplish an awesome job. And we understand doing so, by offering cutting-edge technical knowledge combining innovative design with ergonomics, high leverage and excellent resistance through time. Therefore, a TED product will provide a high-quality solution for your precise needs at a reasonable price. This key differentiation with all the other tools and products available on the market is the direct result of our driving force behind our partnerships with worldwide leading manufacturers. As throughout the years, Telenco distribution has teamed up with numerous innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to offer you best possible products on the market.

Technicity – we put our know-how at your disposal

TED products are designed and developed to respond to functional criteria by using highly advanced technologies. Inspired by the day-to-day challenges of telecom professionals, our tools, equipment and consumables allow specialists to realize highly technical operations. Investing into a TED® product means investing into a practical engineering solution dedicated to telecom networks. All our TED offer is built based on a solid technological knowledge of each product’s usage and the most commonly met practices of telecom professionals. Moreover, our products comply with the latest standards and regulations in force. Through TED range, Telenco distribution encourages the evolutive power of technologies to get things done with the concurrence of technicians.

Efficiency – because your time is precious, we optimize your intervention performance

TED products are made to last. When creating a new TED product we also take into consideration the well-being and the comfort of our technicians. We know that, sometimes, being a telecom worker can cause a lot of type of musculoskeletal pains. To avoid all the trouble, we constantly identify and list the challenges that telecom professionals deal with on a daily or regular basis. We use this information to search for efficient solutions that materialize in highly efficient products. Moreover, TED is challenging manufacturers and suppliers to successfully compound between high-quality and time-saving factors.

Durability – we care for the sustainability of networks

When defining and planning to create a TED product we focus on high resistance criteria whilst also taking into account the environment in which this same product will be used or manipulated. For example, all our accessories intended for an outdoor use are made of materials resistant to corrosion and UV rays. Furthermore, our general purpose hand tools present not only a high leverage but also a great resistance to corrosion and rust formation as they are made of chrome vanadium steel. As a general rule, TED invests mainly into high-quality materials because we strongly believe that to create and develop sustainable and reliable cable networks our technicians deserve the best possible material.


TED Safe and Allroad duct rod systems – making the most out of the cable deployment

Within our TED catalog you will find outstanding cable deployment solutions such as ALLROAD and SAFE fiberglass pulling rod ranges. Innovation-oriented, both of these flagship product ranges successfully combine technicity with efficiency and durability. Thus, our duct rod systems are designed to provide telecom professionals with the utmost security and work comfort during their interventions. While the ALLROAD range based on a scalable pulling rod concept, the SAFE range combines robustness with flexibility. Fiberglass duct rod systems within SAFE range offer a patented auto-braking system and are equipped with a new PREMIUM fiber that is 25% lighter than the previous generations and 10% more flexible for an increased durability. Both of these ranges offer high-performance ergonomics as they can be easily manipulated and transported in all type of utility vehicles.

Aiguille safe TED
Tente optima by trigano

The 5-seconds worksite tent by TED – the top equipment to work safely despite weather hazards

TED Equipment® has joined forces with Trigano, the French specialist in camping tents, for the design and the development of an authentic innovation: the 5-seconds work tent. Out of this successful partnership resulted a robust, ergonomic and secure solution that provides technicians with an optimum protection and security on worksites, in defiance of windy or rainy weather conditions.
As for our ranges of duct rod systems and worksite tents, all our tools, equipment and consumable products are created to provide users with at least one more benefit than the already existing products on the market. To enhance the TED product family, Telenco distribution keeps on searching for exceptional solutions by continuously building strong and long-lasting partnerships with producers that share our values.