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Our Products

Telenco distribution’s offer is based on the specific needs of telecom technicians, installers and integrators. To help our professional customers build tomorrow’s Giga society across Europe, we have conceived our catalog as an all-encompassing solution to their day-to-day encountered situations and challenges. All products included within our offer are supported by our technological knowledge, acquired after numerous years of working at the side of major telecom operators. Moreover, each item presented to you in our catalog benefits of our commitment to quality. At Telenco distribution we understand and measure the challenges of deploying High Speed Broadband networks across Europe. That is why we count on real telecom experts for developing and constantly make evolving each product family included within our offer.

Personal Protective Equipment - because technicians’ safety comes first

All personal protective equipment (PPE) items and specialized accessories comprised within our catalog are selected according to strict criteria of quality and resistance through time. They are presented to you for their capacity to respond to the constant evolution of international standards in terms of safety and work comfort, but also to the economic constraints of our environment. Products from this family offer are intended to improve the efficiency of technicians who use them by guaranteeing their safety and increase their comfort. At Telenco distribution, the safety of technicians comes first. For that reason, we develop our PPE offer to meet all the possible needs of technicians in terms of personal protection. Therefore, within our selection of professional equipment you will find:
• Technical garments
Head protection
Safety footwear
Hand protection
Fall arrest systems
Accessories for preparing and signaling a worksite

Professional tools - great resistance, ergonomics & efficiency

After ensuring the utmost protection for technicians at work, Telenco distribution concentrates its offer on the most appropriate tools to use for each specific intervention. We know that most of the times, being a telecom technician can get really physical. Choosing the right tool for the right job is extremely important. Not only for cutting off installation and maintenance times, but also for limiting fatigue and fighting against musculoskeletal pains. These last ones are generally caused by inappropriate tools and work positions. That is why our catalog includes a wide range of professional tools designed to help telecom installers gain in efficiency and increase their day-to-day work comfort. Suggested apparatus are selected based on criteria of high quality, great resistance through time and ergonomics. They are manufactured either by worldwide well-known brands or by our own, TED Equipement® . Tools that wear the TED brand are inspired by telecom technicians’ every day working experiences. To respond to all type of worksite needs, our tool offering includes FO specific apparatus, tools for copper telecom networks, insulated tools, but also general purpose hand tools , striking tools cutting tools and measure & marking devices. Moreover, to accompany technicians in their efforts to best identify each telecom network and the equipment used for it, we also provide labelling & marking solutions. Last but not least, discover our storage solutions, that will allow you to easily transport your equipment and to optimize its storage . Choosing the right tool for each type of intervention is the key to a job well done. Besides, that contributes to ensure a maximum lifespan for your equipment and network.

Consumables - all the essential parts that make networks reliable

While being in intervention, there are no small needs. Every little part of the equipment that telecom technicians bring with them is essential for performing efficiently. In our offer of consumables we have integrated all the indispensable material for all type of worksites. Here you will find fixing solutions for both indoor and outdoor cable deployment, labelling & marking gear  for utility poles, wires and goods identification, but also FO cleaning solutions to ensure a high performance of your fiber networks

Pulling-Rodding - time-saving and easy-handling solutions

Telenco distribution understands the challenges that duct cable deployment and maintenance may arise. For building our offer of pulling and rodding we inspire from the most encountered situations by telecom technicians. That is how we designed and created the Allroad and Safe duct rod ranges from TED Equipement®. From our ambition to offer telecom professionals the most appropriate tools for their pulling and rodding applications. Thus, our products are declined in a large range of sizes and models to adapt to any specific worksite. Therefore, to help professional make sure that ducts are ready to receive cables with the diameter of their choice, we offer tools for occupied ducts. Moreover, we provide time-saving and easy-handling innovative rodding solutions  pour , as well as cable pulling and duct rod accessories for guiding cables and wires into different type of ducts and micro ducts. Essential consumables such as greases and lubricants are your disposal on our store.

Outside plant accessories - our products have withstood the test of time

Relying on our extensive technological knowledge in the telecommunications sector, we have built an offer of essential and practical accessories for outside plant. Our catalog of aerial and underground network accessories is inspired by the solutions that we have developed for major telecom operators. These same products have withstood the test of time and proven their reliability on the telecom networks deployed worldwide. Most of the products intended for overhead lines are manufactured in our factories under the brand Telenco® and benefit of our full commitment to quality. Likewise, our underground network products present an excellent resistance through time. We rely on worldwide known manufacturers and providers in order to provide you with dependable and highly enduring solutions.

Fiber optic - improving the last drop in FTTH deployment

As a telecom retailer, Telenco distribution cares to provide every user with high-performance and innovative products at a fair price. To support the challenges of building High Speed Broadband networks across Europe, we have created an enlarging offer of fiber optic parts and accessories intended for the last drop in FTTH deployment. Thus, we provide plug and play solutions such as our comprehensive range of ELINE® that includes Access Terminal Boxes (ATBs), Fiber Distribution Boxes (FDBs) and Building Entry Point boxes (BEPs). Moreover, within our fiber optic offer you will find connectivity solutions designed with a plug-and-play system for simple and efficient installations. Passive components and splicing accessories are available and enable to create custom-made connections. Our fiber optic offer is completed by specific tools https://www.telenco-store.com/pa8351/telecom-tools and crucial FO cleaning high-precision products for the maintenance of high-performance networks.

Brands - because there’s no place to improvisation in telecommunication networks

At Telenco distribution we understand help building sustainable telecom networks only by focusing on quality products designed by R&D experts in telecommunication networks and that are free of risks. We care to provide you with the most appropriate products for your exact needs and that is why we have created our own brand TED Equipement®. Our catalog includes also Telenco® solutions that are manufactured in our sister company’ factories. Furthermore, we provide you with products from worldwide recognized brands. Because we strongly believe that in telecommunication networks there is no place for improvisation, but enough space for precision, sustainability and durability. Discover here all the brands that we recommend to you.