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Our values

Telenco distribution is a company with a strong identity. As we continue to grow and develop, we always guide our business according to a couple of fundamental values that are our reference points. Therefore, in all our actions, we stay loyal to the following reasoning:

Team spirit & professionalism

The “customer culture” requires a lot of flexibility from our teams. Every project relies on the commitment of each one of our teams. At Telenco distribution the success is often the result of a common performance that combines individual implication with the expertise of all our staff.

Trust and proximity

Trust is the central stake for our company. For-that concerns all parties that form Telenco distribution: partners, customers, suppliers…Building more human and proximity-centered relations intensifies the interactions between contributors. This particular approach allowed us to build trust and exchange-oriented relations with our partners

Innovation and quality

Innovation is one of our fundamental values. To put the best of innovation at the service of telecom industry, all the companies that form Telenco group surround themselves with suppliers that are carefully selected for the quality of their products and services, as well as for their capacity to innovate. At Telenco distribution, innovation is invested in all the designed or suggested products and also in the services that we provide our customers with.

Responsibility and commitment

Being a responsible company means making a priority from comprehending and listening to our customers’ expectations. It also means treating its partners equally. And establishing a work climate based on trust and diversity, in the respect of women and men that form Telenco team.

In complete coherence with the above values, we put customer satisfaction at the core of our business. At Telenco distribution we go above and beyond on a daily basis to provide you with:

  • Council offered by experts in telecom networks
  • Quality in all the suggested professional equipment and material, selected from renowned manufacturers. Moreover, we have chosen to adhere to a quality approach to provide you with the best possible services
  • The most fair prices for all our products. Telenco distribution’s offer is supported by our ambition to offer you the best value for your money when it comes to investing into professional equipment and material for telecom networks.
  • Availability for the products that are included within our offer and more importantly, for the assistance that we offe for your projects.