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Fibre optic connectivity solutions

Choosing high-quality passive components for creating optical connectivity is a guarantee of reliable fiber optic and datacom networks with a minimum signal loss. That is exactly what Telenco UK provides you with in this part of our catalog. Read more...

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Performant optical connectivity products

  • We offer a large palette of connectors and adaptors  suitable for every type of environment, as well as patch cords with different fiber counts, available in various types and lengths to suit your exact configurations’ needs. Moreover, all fiber optic assemblies included in this catalog are 100% tested and certified as compliant with international standards. 

To realize dependable connections between two fiber optic cables we provide you with high-quality adaptors or couplers, available in simplex or duplex versions, for single mode or multimode fibers.

Our smart tip : unlike multimode adaptors, single mode ones offer an accurate alignment of the ferrules. You can use single mode adaptors to connect multimode cables. However, DO NOT use multimode adaptors to connect single mode cables : it will cause misalignment of the fibers and as a direct consequence, an unwished for attenuation.

To help you choose the right pigtail or jumper from our large selection, let us make it simple for you:

Pick simplex fiber optic whenever you work on a one-way data transfer kind of network.

Prefer duplex fiber optic cables for applications based on a bi-directional and simultaneous data transfer.

When hesitating between multimode and single mode fiber jumpers and pigtails, please keep in mind that:

Multimode fiber optic assemblies are preferred for general fiber networks, data communications and local area network (LAN) applications. For example telecom professionals opt for multimode fiber when adding segments to a network or bringing fiber to the desk.

Single mode fiber
is recommended for long-haul network connections typical for long distances of a couple of miles and more. For instance, if you need to create a connection between switching offices then go for single mode type of fiber.