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Passive equipment for overhead networks

For all aerial deployments, Telenco UK is your dedicated telecom provider of network and technician equipment, a true partner for building reliable networks. In this catalog you will find high-end equipment, tools and accessories for efficient and cost-effective jobsite interventions. Read more...

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Outside plant professional equipment

To guarantee you the utmost quality, we chose to include in this present offer a various range of products manufactured under the TELENCO® brand, a warrant of quality and high technicity. As consequence, when browsing for outside plant accessories you will find a comprehensive range of anchoring, termination and suspension cable clamps, helical dead-ends, cable slack management solutions, rugged pole line hardware including stainless steel banding available in three different types of stainless steel:  AISI430, AISI201 and AISI304 and various lengths for all your jobsite needs.

For protecting cable down-leads on poles or facades, Telenco UK provides a large range of cable capping and split corrugated tubing. Spiral cable abrasion protectors are also included in our offer of equipment for overhead deployments. To secure cables installed in overhead layouts and prevent them from dangling randomly, we provide a selection of cable fasteners including cables ties, saddle ties to mount, plastic clip wall mounts and many other essential accessories. 

Telenco UK also provides professional and rugged tools and toolkits that will help telecom technicians and installers efficiently handle pole bands. For an all-in-one and money-saving solution we recommend you the Tool pack for pole band strapping in the ratchet banding tool version or the screw banding tool version. However, if you search for single units tools, then you will have the choice between the BTS : Screw banding tool from Telenco® and the BTL : Ratchet banding tool. To complete your essential tools for strapping and banding applications we offer you BCT : Aviation tin snips, BCTF : Flat nose aviation tin snips, Folding pliers for pole band or CG800 / Come along clamps for different cable diameters.