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Warehouse: 10 Steps Before Delivery


Purchasing experience on www.telenco-store.com is simple for each visitor. The customer browses the website and adds one or more products to his cart. Once payment is done, the purchaser just has to wait for receiving his parcel. At Telenco distribution, the lapse of time between these last two stages is the most important.

Our warehouse team gives its best to ensure that each order is complete and delivered on time. The order picker must carry out its missions following strict criteria of timeliness, quality and efficiency.

Customer satisfaction are key words to remember for our team. The order picker has a primary role in the quality of the order: the more efficient the employee, the faster the order will arrive.

The order picker needs to be equipped with two essential tools: a barcode reader and the description of the order. This piece of paper is composed of several lines, each corresponding to an article with the quantity requested. On average, an order has about fifteen lines and takes ten to fifteen minutes to be completed. The ratio is different for the export: as the shipping is longer, the requested quantities are then more important. The number of orders may vary depending on days.


Your order in 10 steps

1The order picker takes the order electronically using his barcode reader. The device is then informed of items to pick.

2Inside the warehouse, the barcode reader guides the order picker to the location of the object: the bulky items are dissociated from the smaller ones for more convenience.

3Once in front of the product, the order picker picks the requested quantity and informs it electronically on the barcode reader. If another product has to be picked, the device will indicate the following location.

4All the articles constituting the order have been picked: the barcode reader indicates that the order is finished.

5The order picker must pre-pack the order. There are two types of packaging: the carton, which is available in different sizes or the pallet, if the volume of the order is very important.

6Then, the order is sent to the control area. The current order picker can start a new order and gives way to another order picker responsible for controlling orders.

7All the orders are verified in the control area: the items and their quantity must correspond to what was requested by the customer. If this is not the case, the controller calls back the order picker who was in charge of the order. He will have to look for the missing products once again.

8The order is complete: the parcel can be sealed and the transport labels printed and stickled.

9The parcels are given electronically and physically to the carrier. Throughout the day, several carriers come to Telenco distribution: for cartons, one carrier come at the end of the day whereas for pallets, three to six passages are daily made.

10 The package is on its way to the customer!