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Test & Measurement

Telenco UK supports field technicians in ensuring the utmost level of performance for fibre optic networks during the installation or maintenance phase. The company brings an extensive offer of industry-leading network testing, certification and monitoring tools such as:

Fibre Testing Tools

OTDR Testing

We provide testing and certification tools for FTTx/PON and business /datacenter networks. From basic fibre certification with simple pass/fail information to detailed fibre characterization, our OTDR are effective solutions for single mode and multimode applications, qualifying and troubleshooting FTTH/PON networks.

Visual Fault Locators (VFL)

These fibre optic testers are used for verifying the integrity of fibre optics, single mode or multimode, over long distances. Thanks to these small instruments, field technicians can easily and rapidly identify fibre optic bends or any other damages perturbing the well-functioning of FO networks.

Optical power meters

To help technicians ensure reliable fibre optic networks meeting high standard performances, Telenco UK provides optical power meters kits including dual or quad-wavelength optical light sources for determining power levels, insertion losses, and continuity checks

Optical Multimeters

Ideal for PON networks, 5G fibre infrastructures and FTTH networks, our Optical Multimeters allow professionals to replace “blind” fault finding practices with quick, precise and easy-to-use instruments. For characterizing, certifying and troubleshooting fibre links.

Optical Attenuators

Telenco UK brings reliable attenuators offering accuracy for hundred of calibrated wavelength, cutting off the need for couplers in test setups, and downsizing the insertion loss. For testing the connectivity system dynamics, simulating line loss, and power level control for calibration test setups.

Live Fibre Identifiers

These small-sized instruments enable to detect the optical signal without disconnecting the fibre and switching off the network. For fibre optic installation, maintenance or troubleshooting applications. Versatile tools combining inspection and test reporting.

Network Test & Certification Toolss

Antenna alignment and monitoring

We provide high-precision instruments for accurate antenna alignment both during installation and monitoring phase. Remote monitoring solutions offering real-time alignment-related data with alarm function activating in case of misalignment.

Copper, DSL, WiFi & Broadband test

All-in-one instruments for G fast, VDSL, ADSL networks, copper, TDR, and spectral tests, but also fibre, WiFi, coax, wiring test and installation applications. Our modular platforms are suitable both for outside plant and indoor jobs. Thanks to these scalable testing solutions, field technicians can rapidly fix triple-play service problems due to physical-layer issues

Multiple Services Test Platform (MTS)

Designed as versatile tools for all phases of a network lifecycle, our multiple services test platforms are essential instruments for the installation, service and maintenance of Access, FTTH, FTTP, FTTx, HFC, Wireless, 5G, entreprise or data center networks

Modular Test Platforms

All-in-one compact and reliable platforms for multiple technology testing. Our Modular Test Platforms are effective and safe solutions: they speed up fibre characterization and troubleshooting tests and allow to avoid dangerous tower climbs: the RRH testing can be made at the wireless base station

Fibre inspection and probes

Often, in FTTH or datacom cabling systems, connectors and end faces are the first thing to check during a network failure. Our test & measuring offer includes pocket-size instruments for inspecting fibre end faces for guaranteeing optical performance conformity with certification reports

As technologies and professional’s needs evolve, so does our Test & Measuring offer. Should you need more information or another particular instrument for your deployment and maintenance projects, do not hesitate to contact our team.