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Reliable equipment for high cabling density FTTA networks

Unlike direct cabling structure FTTA network architectures where optical links arrive directly from BTS/BBU to the RRH/RRU mounted at the top of Antennas, in the case of indirect cabling structures, as well as for hybrid architectures, an additional equipment is installed in the immediate proximity of RRH/RRU: a FTTA outdoor optical box 24FO ; a HTTA outdoor hybrid box in case that the optical box is also used for the management of power distribution or a PTTA outdoor power box in case power distribution was to be managed independently. Read more…

/ 4G/5G Indirect cabling structure

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High-end equipment for the upgrade of 4G/5G FTTA sites

In this part of our FTTA offer, we offer sliding patch panels for integration at the level of  BTS/BBU, fibre optic cabling solutions for bringing the optical signal up to the top of Antennas, as well as FTTA outdoor optical boxes used as an intermediate equipment between the BTS/BBU and the RRH/RRU.

In our FTTA cabling offer you will mainly find outdoor pre-terminated breakouts with capacities of 2FO and 24FO. The optical links with smaller capacities are used for connecting the BTS/BBU to a specific outdoor box, whether this is a FTTA optical box, a HTTA hybrid box or a PTA power box. As for optical breakouts with capacities of 24FO, they are used upper on, to connect one of the above mentioned boxes (FTTA, HTTA or PTTA) to the RRH/RRU.

To support FTTA installers and technicians to build 4G or 5G indirect cabling structures or hybrid architectures, Telenco UK  offers a FO distribution terminal box with 24 ports. This optical box is to be installed as close as possible to the RRU/RRH. Its role is to enable the connection between FTTA outdoor pre-terminated breakouts 12 or 24FO and FTTA outdoor pre-terminated breakouts 2FO, as well as the management of these optical links.

To discover our FTTA offer, do not hesitate to check our products’ specifications or contact our team to get more information or support for your full-fibre rollout project !