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Equipment for overhead rollouts

Through this offer, Telenco UK brings all the expertise in aerial telecom infrastructures of the Group to which it is part. Our catalogue includes PIA approved solutions for equipping utility and telegraph poles such as rugged and compact pole line hardware. For the deployment of fibre running over poles Telenco UK offers wide ranges of spiral grips and anchoring and suspension clamps for round ADSS, flat or figure-8 cables. To secure these cables on poles or facades and to ensure their longest possible service life, Telenco UK also offers cable fixing and protection solutions. Read more…

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Aerial equipment for deploying FTTP networks

Telecom operators and installers will find in this catalogue reliable and future-proof solutions for building the Gigabit-capable full-fibre network across the UK’s territory in aerial layouts. To equip telecom or utility poles used for this purpose, Telenco UK provides numerous pole line hardware solutions, and in particularly meeting the challenges of overhead network congestion such as the ring pole head enabling the installation of multidirectional drops on a wooden pole top. The pole equipment that Telenco UK puts forward is developed as a compact, simple and quick to install solution. But more than just equipment for telegraph or utility poles, Telenco UK also offers solutions for protecting and securing aerial telecom networks.  

To run fibre over poles according to the state of the art engineering rules, Telenco UK offers cable clamps and spiral grips covering the most commonly met cable diameters on jobsites. Installers can select among different technologies for terminating fibre optic cables : conical clamping, wedge clamps, mandrel clamps or twisted wire spiral grips. While some of our cable clamps such as the Hypocut® drop clamp were specifically developed to adress the challenges and specificities of full-fibre Gigabit-capable networks in UK, all the anchoring and suspension solutions presented to you in this product selection are suitable to aerial deployments across the UK territory. Moreover, to support fibre cables on intermediary poles, we also provide mobile suspension clamps used for the aerial cable relief.

To ensure a proper attachment of overhead cables on pole or when deployed on facades, we offer various cable fixing solutions such as wall plug cable clips, BIC cable down-lead pole mounts with or without tie, expansion anchor bolts, round cable clips, cable ties and many more. Together with cable fixing, Telenco UK also provides cable protection solutions such as capping, spiral abrasion protectors and split corrugated tubing used for securing telecom networks and expanding at most the service life of cables, whether they are deployed in aerial layouts, on pole or facades, or in manholes or ducts by using protective tubing.