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Equipment for FTTA 4G/5G networks

Telenco UK offers innovative and highly reliable solutions for the rollout of Fibre-To-The-Antenna networks.  Whether for 4G/5G direct cabling structures, 4G/5G indirect cabling structures or Hybrid To The Antenna, we provide the necessary passive equipment for enabling full-fibre optic connections up to the RRH/RRU. Read more…

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Solutions for developing new or existent 4G/5G FTTA networks

In this part of our catalogue you will find reliable passive equipment for setting up full-fibre links from the BBU (Base Band Unit) to the RRH(Remote Radio Head)/ RRU(Remote Radio Unit). Whether for increasing coverage, integrating new operators or simply upgrading to a newer generation technology, Telenco UK provides a selection of highly performant equipment including cabling solutions, optical boxes and sliding patch panels for equipping BBUs.

Our FTTA offer is organised around two possible scenarios: deploying full-fibre solutions on new sites or low cabling density and on existing sites or high cabling density. Thus, in our FTTA catalogue you will find Duplex Singlemode outdoor pre-terminated breakouts with NSN type protection or without protection and equipped with various type of connectors to meet the different optical connectivity needs.  

Telenco UK also provides 19” 1U sliding patch panels for Singlemode trunks available in capacities of 12 or 24FO. These patch panels are developed to be integrated in BTS/BBU in order to enable connections between fibre optics coming from active equipment and optical fibre feeding the RRU/RRH. The FTTA patch panels that we offer are compatible with all network configurations, great ergonomics as they are easy to install and to use and outstanding optical performances. 

Finally, in this part of our offer you will find optical distribution terminals equipped with 24 ports and specifically developed to enable optical connection within the 4G/5G indirect cabling structure. Mounted at the proximity of RRU/RRH, our FO distribution terminal boxes are used for reliably linking outdoor pre-terminated breakouts 12 or 24FO to outdoor pre-terminated breakouts 2FO. Discover our FTTA selection and contact our experts to get more information on our entire FTTA offer!