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FO distribution and termination boxes

To fully support telecom operators and installers in their FTTP network deployments, Telenco UK provides a wide range of optical boxes, developed both for MDUs and SDUs full-fibre installations. Our optical boxes are available in bare, pre-wired and pre-terminated versions to adapt to all field practices. Moreover, design, ergonomics and aesthetics are some of the benefits of the optical closures that Telenco UK offers, as our FO boxes are developed to protect and secure fibre optic networks and to offer simplicity of use and time-saving field interventions. Read more…

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Optical closures for simply and quickly building reliable FTTP networks

Telecom operators and installers will find in this part of our catalogue a wide range of fibre optic boxes for setting up the strategic distribution and termination points in their FTTP / FTTH infrastructures. From the Exchange to the subscriber’s premises, Telenco UK offers various connectivity solutions for the distribution, splicing, branching and termination of fibre optics. Thus, in our catalogue you will find BPEO fibre optic closures for splicing applications. Particularly suitable for the distribution network, this FTTP solution is a waterproof optical box offering a capacity of up to 168 mechanical splices and 336 fusion splices.

Telenco UK also provides compact junction boxes for enabling reliable connections between outdoor and indoor drop cables. These FTTP solutions can be installed, at convenience, outdoor – on a facade or in a manhole-, or indoor.

We offer all the required optical boxes for the rollout of FTTP networks in MDUs. To meet all the field practices, Telenco UK provides two versions of Building Entry Points: one pre-terminated and ready-to-use and the other one bare, foreseen for cable storage and the management of subscribers’ cable slack. Offering two distinct designs, these Building Entry Points are used for enabling reliable connections between the feeder (the outdoor optical distribution cable) and the riser (the indoor optical distribution cable) cable.

For further routing optical signal to the subscriber’s premises, telecom installers can use Floor Distribution Boxes designed to enable up to 12 subscribers thanks to a scalable fibre management system. The role of this last optical distribution point of the FTTP network is to enable a reliable connection between the fibres selected from the vertical cable and the indoor drop cables running towards the customers’ premises.

Finally, in our offer of FO boxes you will find a wide range of FTTP sockets. Our Optical Telecommunications Outlets are available in bare, pre-wired with different cable lengths and pre-terminated versions with adaptors and pigtails for enabling 1, 2 or 4 fibre optic connections. Should you have any other needs for optical boxes or questions about the FTTP connectivity products offered in this part of our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us !