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FTTP/ FTTH cabling solutions

Telenco UK offers various FTTP cabling solutions for reliably connecting subscribers to the very-high speed networks. Our catalogue includes drop cables for outdoor, indoor and outdoor-indoor applications. All the following FO cables are manufactured in our European production units, according to strict criteria of performance and international standards. Drop cables offered by Telenco UK are built with premium and bend-insensitive fibre which makes them optimal solutions for building last mile access networks. Read more…

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Drop cables for fast and easy to deploy FTTP networks

Our drop cables are developed to meet the precise challenges of FTTP/ FTTH deployments in high or low density areas, for enabling connections in SDUs or MDUs. Telenco UK focuses its drop cabling offer on solutions for enhancing fast and toolless network rollouts. Thus, most of our FO cables for building the last mile access networks are multi-purpose cabling solutions. For example, the LM2, LM8, LM2BK and LM8BK are fibre optic cables suitable for an installation, at convenience, either in overhead or underground layouts, over short distances, or for indoor applications.

Our catalogue also includes PIA approved FO cables such as the LX030PU. This FTTP connectivity solution has been developed for enabling aerial rollouts in low density areas and for connecting SDUs to the Gigabit-capable network. Always with the aim of offering scalable and effective solutions to telecom operators and installers, Telenco developed the LX030PU drop cable as a versatile solution. Although this cable is designed for overhead deployments, it can also be pulled into ducts over several hundred meters or laid on facades. Moreover, the LX030PU offers a good resistance to wind which makes it an optimal solution for full-fibre rollouts in coastal areas, where winds are present and telecom equipment is more exposed to corrosion.

Telenco UK also brings reliable cabling solutions for indoor applications. Thus, for connecting subscribers to ultrafast broadband networks in multi-storey buildings, telecom installers can use the Eline® riser cable as a vertical cable linking the Building Entry Point, mounted on the ground floor or in the basement, and the Floor Distribution Box, wall mounted on each floor where telecom installers will have to connect one or various customers to the Gigabit-capable network. Our riser cables are available in various fibre counts, from 12 to 144FO.

Out of Floor Distribution Boxes – in the case of MDUs installations-, or out of Optical Distribution Boxes or transition boxes for SDUs installations, installers can use LM1 or LM1L indoor drop cables. These two cabling solutions have been optimised for indoor installations. Indeed, thanks to their small diameters, flexible construction, LSZH FR outer sheath and bend radius performances, the LM1 and LM1L drop cables bring the optical signal up to the subscriber’s premises almost invisibly, alongside baseboards, door or window frames. Discover our FO cables or contact us for more information on our cabling solutions!