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Rugged and innovative pole line hardware solutions

As a distributor of innovative solutions designed and developed by Telenco networks, Telenco UK brings a wide range of pole line hardware. From universal pole brackets to cross-arms, banding tools and accessories or cable slack management solutions, we have all the passive equipment needed for deploying telecom infrastructures on telecom or utility poles. Read more…

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Aerial equipment for telephone or utility poles

In this part of our catalogue you will find some of our pole line hardware solutions for the rollout of reliable aerial telecom infrastructures using telephone or utility poles, wooden, concrete or metal-made. The selection put forward has been defined according to the engineering rules and different parameters specific to the deployment of telecom networks in the UK.

For the development of our pole hardware and pole line fittings, our designers and engineers have taken into account both the climatic and environmental conditions and the field challenges such as the overloading of poles and the need to use compact product solutions meeting the congestion issue of overhead rollouts.  

Telenco UK offers PIA approved pole equipment and pole line hardware that have been tested in various countries throughout the world. In this part of our catalogue you will find hooks for aerial cable relief and the installation of suspension clamps on intermediary poles, as well as conical caps available in different sizes, for protecting wooden poles and increasing their life span.

We also offer ring pole heads, specifically developed by our design office for the UK market and enabling the installation of multidirectional drop cables on a wooden pole.

For the reliable long-term installation of pole brackets, cross-arms or optical closures on poles, we provide a wide range of stainless steel pole bands with different AISI grades and associated buckles, hex bolts for the direct pole mounting of fittings as well as tools and kits for banding.  

Telenco UK also brings innovative cable slack management solutions for upholding fibre optic cable coils on poles, behind splice closures so to curtail the visual impact of the cable coil. Our cable slack management products are to be installed either on poles or in telecom access chambers. These Telenco product solutions enable to avoid the piston effects on ADSS aerial cables.

Finally, for the installation of aerial lines, we offer come along clamps used for the direct pulling on the insulation of figure-8 telecom cables or insulated power cables.