External Underground

External underground sections provide range of equipment for telecommunications network building or improvements in outside parts of the network mainly run through underground structures. Rods Duct in different diameters and lengths from 2 and 3 metres to continuous version up to 500 metres are essential part of any kit for rope and cabling jobs in ducts. Whole range of rod adaptors, rod attachments and coupling up pieces will help you to connect additional equipment or various sizes together. Continuous are made in sizes from 4mm up to the 14mm and lengths from 40 metres up to the 500 metres. End Connectors or Middle connectors could be used to repair or replace any parts damaged during your work. Flexible guide tips and bullet ends help you to get through duct.

With selection of Manhole cover lifting keys you will be able almost any pit covers from Footways, Walkways or Footpaths up to the Carriageways. For heavy covers the hydraulic manhole cover lifter could be used.

We provide all sizes of ducting and tubing, repair kits in case ducts are broken or opened for repair, Brushes and Mandrels to keep your duct clean and duct motor to blow Drawropes or light cables through ducts. To help with cabling jobs we have many tools like cable guides, subduct pulling grips, slings, connectors and cable lubricants.

To Earth your telecoms cabinets, you will need Rod Earth bar with heads, couplings, nuts and washers, clamps. All cabinets should be sealed with electrically conductive material like Marconite or Resin Packs and Sealing compound. To repair cables you will need different sizes of heatshrink closures (kit joint closures), cable protections sheets, pressurisation equipment and propane torch equipment.